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Musk Extreme, 100 EdP

SEK 1,450.00
Ex Tax: SEK 1,160.00


Deep within the Himalayan Mountains, the legend of the ‘Musk’ is found within the Indian mythology. It was once said; the ancient gods were the first to discover the desirable essence. Gifted to the world as a reward, to seduce the opposite sex and break all religious morals and boundaries. The popularity of ‘Musk’ became apparent during the times of the “Les Muscadins”, a group of trendsetters that passionately adored the raw and seductive scent and used its alluring charm, as their sexual weapon to attract the opposite sex.

Musk today is a master note among the perfumery art world. It evokes an extraordinary olfactory response for its reaction on the psyche and curative virtues. The scent is rendered sophisticated, sultry, very warm and long lasting when worn.

Top notes: Aldehydic, Fresh, Rose

Heart notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Iris, Spices

Base notes: Musk, Dry woods, Animalic, Vanilla

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