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Eau de Rem, 100 EdT

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Eau de Rem, 100 EdT

After Rem, the anagram, the bestselling fragrance exhaling the pleasures and exoticism of the islands, Parfums Reminiscence has created Eau de Rem.

Eau de Rem is different from Rem. While the shared notes unite them, its signature and olfactive identity distinguish it and make a fragrance with a unique summery appeal.

Created in 2001 by Zoé and Lilla, Eau de Rem brings us the nostalgic delights of a stroll in luxuriant Mediterranean gardens on the shores of the Isle of Capri. A solar-sparkling fragrance, Eau de Rem imbues the skin with fresh scents dancing on the waves. A timeless, absolute reverie beneath the azure sky. A fragrance with marine accents subtly developing in an aquatic-floral fragrance, an ode to energizing freshness for women under the spell of carefree travel, sunshine and freedom.

For a lively and active woman

Top Notes: Hesperidian (Essential Oil Italian Lemon, Bergamot), Aromatic (Essential Oil Tunisian Rosemary), Green (Cut Grass notes)

Heart Notes: Floral (Rose,Honeysuckle, Jasmine), Spicy (Absolute Moroccan Fenugreek), Aquatic (Helional)

Base Notes: Woody (Essential Oil Patchouli Java), Sweet (Absolutes Madagascan Vanilla and Venezuelan Tonka Bean), Musky (White Musk)

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