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Musc, 100 EdP

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Musc, 100 EdP

Musc is like fire and ice…

A fragrance with subtle sensuality, an exquisite fusion of purity and animalic notes.

Musc was launched in 1970, the year Reminiscence created its legendary trio of fragrances, PatchouliAmbre and Musc. A warm, round fragrance, Musc elegantly evokes the sweet scent off clean skin with its precious floral, musky notes. Musc is the prefect fragrance for the quietly seductive, magnetic woman, delicate, feline and elegant all at once.

For a magnetic, graceful and elegant woman

Top notes:  Floral (Essential Oil Extra Ylang Ylang Comoro Islands, a White Flower Accord)

Heart notes: Powdery-Almondy

Base notes: Coumarin, Ambery, Musky (White Musc Notes)

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