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Bergamotto di Calabria, 50 EdP

950 SEK
Ex Tax: 760 SEK


Calabria is very much Bergamot country. Grown along the Ionian coast, Bergamot has an ancient history in southern Italy and also in perfumery. While Bergamot is an ingredient often used in fragrances it rarely takes such a high-profile place as the main focus as it is so volatile and very difficult to stabilise. Nevertheless here it is, a wonderful blend of bitter orange and lemon taking centre stage as the key ingredient in Bergamotto di Calabria. Perris Monte Carlo is delighted to celebrate this wonderful fruit and pay tribute to Calabria, the home of Bergamot.
As with a lot of things, there can be many “layers” of quality and these layers are often very far apart! This is most certainly a case in point with the exceptional Bergamot used in Bergamotto Di Calabria. Here we use the most precious oil of them all, it’s called‘Bergamot sponge’!
Extraction of this exclusive Bergamot oil is still done completely manually. First the fruit is sliced in half and the pulp is scooped out using a special incurved knife.
Once the pulp has been removed, then the rind is gently compressed onto a natural sponge in a circular motion to capture the fragile essence.
The essence collected using this method is the most delicate and complex oil and resembles a fruity, floral note of jasmine.
Returning to the origins and traditional techniques to capture the very best raw materials, then enriching them with a drop of modernity creates a composition that encapsulates the dazzling freshness of bergamot making it, after a long working process, long lasting, secure and energetic.

Top: Bergamot Spugna Capua, Petitgrain Paraguay, Timur Pepper J, Pink Pepper
Heart: Orange Flower Water Capua, Moroccan Neroli, Absolue Orange Blossom, Jasmin Absolue
Base: Iris, Sandalwood, Vetiver Haiti, Musk

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